27 August 2010

Warm Industrial

People often ask us "What's YOUR favorite type of design?", Heather and I, of course, describe two totally different things. Me, I love a "warm industrial" look - Edison bulbs & metal furniture pieces interspersed with thick luxurious fabrics and animal print rugs.

Imagine how excited I was when we met with one of our fabulous lighting reps and she showed us the work of a lighting designer that uses a combination of crystal and pipe:

Michael has an interesting story - he worked as in-house counsel for various television and distribution companies. He also has degrees from Vassar and Oxford and also writes book reviews for the New York Times

You've got to check out his website, as well as his Facebook page to see more of these amazing creations. There's nothing else out there that looks like this right now

According to the website, Michael McHale Designs sets out to redefine the look of the traditional chandelier. I think he's accomplished that, and more - don't you?

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25 August 2010

A Rendezvous With Anja...I wish!

You may have seen this picture hanging in our office.

It's done by one of our favorite new artists - well, a new discovery for us

Her portfolio is amazing and we really want to buy every single piece of hers that we see.
How lucky are we that we are going to one of her shows on Sunday?

Please come, and now peruse:

According to her website, Anja "combines a European sense of high
fashion in her artwork with an American sense of wonder"

Look at how cute she is, in a pic from her Facebook page:

Join us at the Venetian, this Sunday at Jack Gallery. The paintings are so much more alluring in person.

All photos from Anja's website: http://www.anjav.com/

Inhabit Design is a Las Vegas Interior Design firm specializing in high end residential and commercial interiors. Contact us for your own spine tingling interior.

24 August 2010

Sick and Awesome

We here at Inhabit Design are in love with animal skins and animal prints. Our favorite vendor with the most unbelievable interior animal products is Kyle Bunting.

We were first introduced to his rugs and now he offers more - upholstery, wallcoverings and even furniture. Have you heard of him? Please, brace yourself and put a bib on because you are going to start drooling.

yellow color furniture cowhide design

Yes, that is fur on the front of the bar. WHAT????

I could just keep on posting these delicious photos, or you can go here and explore the fabulousness yourself!

All images courtesy of http://kylebunting.com

23 August 2010

Exciting and New...

There's an adorable new place in town that Heather and I checked out a few weeks ago and we wanted to share.

It's an adorable addition to the Las Vegas hotel scene, has a great outdoor area for parties and events. Look at the pictures of their rooms - so cute! It's the former St. Tropez suites across from the Hard Rock Hotel and next to Alexis Park.

The bar has the most wonderful cocktails - Heather had one with purple sage in it. We're suckers for unusual libations and daring interiors, especially together!

Maybe we'll see you there!

18 August 2010

A lil sum sum

A while back, we told you about a project we were working on in Laughlin. Last month we finally got to install the bulk of the furniture and we would love to share some of our non-professional photos with you. We are waiting for the last few items to come in and then will send for our amazing photographer extraordinaire to do this space right.

Let's start with the guest bedroom. We made the headboard out of a luminous champagne colored faux leather and added large pieces of quartz rocks instead of tufting it with buttons

Here's a closeup:

The feathered drapery in the guest bedroom

This is the husband's project room. He has numerous hobbies and needed tons of storage and workspace. All of the cabinetry is white lacquer. The display cabinets are for the diecast cars that he paints.

Next up is the Family Room/Game Room/Media area. The entertainment center is in the process of being built - check back for those pictures

The drapery in the Game Room is so textural - it has hundreds of pieces of postage stamp sized fabric hand sewn onto it

We did a divided, sort of reverse coffered ceiling in the Game Room - each of the individual squares is covered with metallic wallcovering

The wetbar area in the Game Room. I LOVE the backsplash tile and this new faucet from Kohler is to die for!

The missus got an amazing chandelier in her office

And even more amazing Maya Romanoff wallcovering, also in her office

We got to use our favorite Louis Ghost chairs for the video game console

I've saved the best for last. This is my favorite spot - the delicious powder room. You can't tell from the picture,but on the walls next to the back mosaic wall there is a gorgeous wallcovering made of tiny glass beads.

The flooring is a combination of grey marble interspersed with glass mosaic tiles. This is definitely SO much better in person, but you get the gist of it, right?

This is the hallway that leads to the main house. One of the husband's hobbies is photography, so we used the hallway as a display area for his photos. The light fixture on the ceiling has adjustable track heads that can change as he changes out his photos

We will be sure to post the rest as we get it, keep checking back!

16 August 2010

Where, oh where has my favorite blog gone....

I know that we have been conspicuously absent from the blog world, but we have finally moved into our new design studio and let me tell you – that was no small feat. I’m sure I have permanent brain damage due to lack of sleep and planning a party for 250 people.

I wanted to share our before and after pictures because I am in love with the transformation that took place in our little 1,000 square foot space. We were lucky enough to start with a pretty blank slate – a square box with great natural light and a brick wall. The not so lucky things were the pole that sits in the middle of the room and the ugly industrial carpet in the space. For a while Heather and I went back and forth – “Embrace the pole? Don’t embrace the pole?….” We decided to just let the pole be and address it in the future. We are thinking of maybe wrapping it in leather or some delicious Maya Romanoff wallcovering. Stay tuned for that.

This was the blank space. We laid all of the furniture out in blue tape, just to be sure.

We had a turquoise brick wall, which is GREAT, but our color scheme is white, gold, grey and silver so it didn't really work. So we painted it charcoal. Here's the in between picture of that same space:

And almost after:

Our bathroom - wasn't bad, actually. But we decided to paint it a light grey, put in a new chandelier and cover the walls with chandelier pics. It's our logo, so.....well, it was the best way to cover up the crazy walls in there.



And this weird cutout:

Became this:

Of course Gigi helped out with all aspects of the remodel

Eventually we will have our space photographed professionally by our fabulous celebrity photographer.
In the meantime, here are some of her images around the office from our Grand Opening shindig:

Check out our Facebook page for more photos of the party, or par-tay, as Heather calls it. We were even joined by our lovely mayor and had a fabulous time!

You must come and visit us at the new place -we would love to have you! Cheers!