28 April 2008

It's All in the Details.....

Last week Heather and I attended the Las Vegas Parade of Homes. While touring some of these ginormous homes, there were some that were breathtaking while others just seemed like they missed the mark. When I asked Heather what was missing, she said that she thought it was the attention to detail. I realized that she was right (by the way, this really is the story of our everyday life together – she says something, I tell her I think that it is wrong, she doesn’t really disagree with me and then later I have to tell her that she was right originally.)
It is those little details that really do make the difference in creating that WOW factor. These are the details that make us shake our heads in disbelief, the ones that demonstrate ingenuity and creativity, and the willingness to think outside the box.

There are so many ways that you can add this "extra something" to your own home. Larson Juhl recently published an ad that featured framed art with metal braces on each corner.
(photo courtesy of stylebeat.blogspot.com)

This is a small detail that really can pack a lot of punch, especially when added to a few framed pieces within a large grouping of photos or art.
While flipping through the latest issue of Domino magazine, I spotted a divine lampshade detail.

Isn't it fun? It is such a subtle detail, but it really adds personality to a part of the lamp that most people would overlook - the boring white shade. I am a true believer that nailhead makes everything better, but that's a post for another time. This is such an easy detail to reproduce and the result is a sweet looking shade.

Drawer pulls and knobs are another fabulous way to add detail while dressing up your cabinets - sort of like adding jewelry to your kitchen, bathroom or laundry room.

Charles Edwards offers some lovely and unique pieces.

There are so many options and so many ways to give your home that special, one-of-a-kind touch. Open your eyes to the possibilities of creating these kinds of details and soon people will be wanting to parade through your home.