03 November 2010

Sick and Awesome

Chesapeake Topaz by Schumacher

While looking for wallcovering for a client today, I ran across this amazing product from F. Schumacher and had to share.  I'm in love with feathers and this is wallcovering with REAL feathers on it.  It is so beautiful and breathtaking, and the price reflects all of that.  But look:  

Wellesley Tiger's Eye by Schumacher

THESE ARE REAL FEATHERS PEOPLE!! And of course, they have been "humanely gathered and arranged by hand"  

Golden Hill Citrine by Schumacher

Saratoga Jade by Schumacher

Belle Isle Birch by Schumacher

So who is going to be the first to order this from us?  Come on, you know that you really need this.  

Something else that I recently discovered and filed under "sick and awesome":  

My new dream house.  You can see more pictures here.  

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