21 September 2009

We're baaaack!!!

So we're finally back from our long blog holiday. We decided to take the months of August and September off, just as they do in Europe. We needed to get back to basics, to refresh, and really - well, to catch up on all of our work. And actually, I think they only take the month of August off in Europe, but it sounded like I knew what I was talking about, right? Anyway....back to blogging.

The beautiful Madison skyline

Some of you have heard us talking about our wonderful trip to Madison, WI in August. We were invited by the lovely ladies at Ferguson Kitchen and Bath and we cannot thank them enough. We have to admit, traveling to Wisconsin in the middle of August to learn about refrigeration and ovens did not sound too sexy. Our workload was getting to be pretty demanding and we started with the "what were we thinking, we don't have time," blah blah blah.

Look at what we saw on our morning walk around the lake!

WOW were we wrong. We were treated to first-class accommodations, met numerous lovely designers from all over the southwest and partied like rock stars in downtown Madison.

Heather pointing out the capitol building - just prior to partying like rock stars.

The best part really was the 2 days where we learned about Sub Zero and Wolf. And I am not brown nosing here - I am FOR REAL! The Jim Bakke Center was where we were headquartered for most of the time that we were there. This place was designed with gorgeous finishes and by fabulous designers. What a treat for us! So here are the pictures and the proof.

Look at this beautiful wall - just when Heather and I were just about to write a blog about our hatred for Venetian plaster - we were treated to this. What a great, modern use of Venetian plaster. The Venetian plaster you see in Vegas never looks like this. It just looks Tuscan. In the desert. Blech.

The artwork was A-MAZING! Do you recognize anything in this painting?

The Jim Bakke Center, basically the educational and entertaining headquarters for SubZero/Wolf, has areas designed by Jamie Drake - as pictured above. Stay tuned for another blog on him in the future. There are a few demonstration kitchens, a large amphitheater and a couple of dining areas/bars. The people at the center were wonderful - really everyone we came into contact with was great. They fed us fabulous food, carted us around town and gave us super-fancy factory tours. They even gave us a souvenir picture book of the center to take with us.

Flowers that we can only dream of growing in Vegas - just sitting around outside the Bakke Center. JEALOUS.


Seriously, I told you it was everywhere. Apparently, Chihuly first learned to blow glass in Madison. Crazy, right?

Again, we can't say enough about our wonderful trip and we are so lucky to be able to take trips like this - and it's our job! If you are in the market for a kitchen redesign, SubZero/Wolf really are the Mercedes of kitchen appliances. Beautiful. Superbly designed. Long lasting. Did I say gorgeous? And most of all, supremely functional. That's it for my non-paid endorsement. But now we are believers.