27 August 2008

tooth and nail...head

Shine Home

Hello all. I've got some delicious eye candy for you today. I don't want to bore any of you with a lengthy post about an obscure interior design subject. Since we are all mourning the end of summer, let's get cheered up by looking at some juicy photos with one of my favorite design details: NAILHEAD!!!!


I love this banquette/sofa/loungey-chair thing. The large nailhead adds a great finishing touch to the piece.

Pattern on top of pattern - a very hot look this season in both interiors and fashion. It used to be that interior trends would follow fashion trends. Today it is more reciprocal - both worlds feed off of each other. But that's another day, another topic, another post.

This picture is somewhat difficult to see, but the nailhead on these chairs really accentuates the curve on the side and back of the chair. What a sassy combination of nailhead, fabric and unique furniture piece.

The use of nailhead is not limited to upholstery pieces. Look at it on this wall - the detail is very subtle, but it adds a wonderful touch of intricacy.

Many people see nailhead and immediately think of a large, worn leather chair in a lawyer's office. Nailhead can be used in many different settings and design genres. This picture successfully illustrates the concept of mixing traditional pieces with modern.

O.K., so maybe you don't want to nailhead everything in one room, but this sweet photo from Martha shows they myriad of possibilities when using nailhead.

Shine Home is a delightful home furnishings company that is SO creative with its use of nailhead. Check it out:

Aren't their pieces wonderful?

West Elm is even getting in on the action. Here are some of their recently released drapery panels:

The nailhead is on what is called the "leading edge" of the drapery, or the edge that leads into the window. I won't even charge you for that little tidbit of design vocabulary!

I hope these pictures have provided you with some inspiration. Nailhead is a detail that you can add in your own home - to the edge of your window treatments, along the arms of your sofa, even on a chair rail running around your dining room. Have fun with it, but be careful because those suckas are sharp!

19 August 2008

Louis Louis

Just a quick note to show all my design fans out there some fabulous new finds in indoor/outdoor furniture. Heather and I saw this furniture at the Hospitality Design show and it is so much fun in person.

This furniture is made by a company from Belgium called SixInch. Each classic Louis chair can be colored in any Pantone color and is hand-finished with a polyurethane coating. This means that it can really stand up to the elements - even in Vegas!

The cool thing about seeing these chairs in person is that you get to touch them and they have a foamy, spongey, springy-like feeling.

There's a ton of hype out there right now for these chairs. These pieces are widely used throughout Europe and you will probably start seeing these show up in some of the casinos on the strip. Now you are in the know! Look at you, you little design-conscious blog readers, you're so hip!

13 August 2008

What I Did On My Summer Vacation...

Back from our long summer's nap, I thought I would share some photos of the hilarious house we stayed at while on vacation in Lake Tahoe.

We were greeted by these huge rocks at the stairway up to the house. Lake Tahoe has tons of rocks everywhere, we all thought it was a really cool touch.

Some more by the front door, interesting touch. I like how they kind of try to hide the trash cans behind the rock, but not really.

So you can imagine our, uh, surprise when we opened the front door and were greeted by MORE ROCKS! And I call them rocks, but really they were boulders.

Throughout the "game room" which consisted of some sort of fake air hockey table and some ping pong paddles hanging on the wall. Random.

The boulders really made a statement in the bottom floor bedroom - with the outdoor jacuzzi in the bedroom, this room was really pimped out. Who could resist the lure of boulders, a jacuzzi and.....

some trash behind the boulders?

So while we realized that we weren't exactly staying at the Four Seasons, we all agreed that the boulders were an interesting and unique decorative element in the home. The house was actually a lot of fun with gorgeous, albeit smoky views of the lake.

Stay tuned for some fabulous new posts from your favorite Las Vegas designers - the girls from Inhabit.