23 March 2010

Cream Colored Ponies and Crisp Apple Streudel

Some favorites this week:

Have you tried this tasty libation? It's our new favorite wine. Well, one of them. If you like reds like Pinot Noirs, Malbecs, you'll enjoy it. Here's one that we like:
Manyana wine rating

The Glass Castle, by Jeanette Walls


You will read this book and either be grateful for your uneventful and normal childhood or envious of falling out of a moving car or cooking hot dogs as a 3 year old wearing a tutu that catches on fire. Because those are the things that happen in this memoir. Oh, and her parents turn out to be homeless in New York City, by choice. Read it, you'll love it.

This is one of my new favorite shows on Bravo. It's Devil Wears Prada-ish and makes me feel like I should work more and sleep less.

Jonathan Adler's new stationary collection

This is the inspiration for the color palette at our new office. At least this week it is.
What are you loving this week?

Flipping Out

We did it! We finally did it! Inhabit Design has gotten their own, honest-to-goodness office space.

This is something we have looked forward to ever since Inhabit Design was just a baby. And now it's a reality.

So it's not that pretty, but the owner is wonderful and we pretty much have complete creative control. We will be painting and designing our little hearts out. Let's hope we can rein our design tastes in and decide on one scheme. Or two.

The greatest thing is that we are in the Arts District.

This is exactly where we wanted to be and it's a great community filled with talented artists, galleries, unique restaurants and Inhabit Design!

20 March 2010

If THESE walls could talk...

Kips Bay Decorator Showhouse 2009; installation designed by Amy Lau using multiple Maya Romanoff wallcoverings

As I was trying to catch up on my ginormous stack of magazines this weekend (Interior Design Oct. 09! Sheesh!), I came across an article about Maya Romanoff Wallcovering. It made me want to share. If you've followed us for a while, you know about our love of wallcovering, and this company's offerings are, to us, some of the best of the best.

We just purchased 2 vastly different selections of Maya for 2 of our clients.
For Client #1, it was Gunmetal Marquetry for a small niche just off of the foyer of her residence. This is what it looks like in more of a Maple-toned finish.

We installed Gunmetal - more of a silver/grey color. Here it is close up:

It's a very thin wood veneer in 18" x 18" blocks. There is such a variation in the way the light hits it, it's breathtaking. It has a little sparkle to it, but it looks like sand, not gaudy, Las Vegas style sparkle. Beautiful sparkle.

For Client #2 we used Bedazzled - which is more like Las Vegas style sparkle. It's tiny little beads. We had it hung in a powder room and it is DELICIOUS!

This is what it looks like from far away, but up close - check it out:

It's made of miniature beads that look like glass. Gorgeous, fabulous and super fun.

Now kick back and peruse this yummy eye candy.


This is a wood veneer with a Swarovski crystal in the center.

Mother of Pearl Chevron
Yes, it really is REAL Mother of Pearl. Stunning.

This is Beadazzled Bijoux - the small glass beads arranged in a pattern. Aahhhh
The Beadazzled collection has about 10 other variations in pattern and tons of juicy colors.

This is Stitched:

The name speaks for itself.


So soft and fuzzy

And last but not least, Anniversary Snowflake

D.I.E. Love it.