27 May 2010

It's a relocation situation

The day has finally come and tomorrrow we are moving. We are so excited, we cannot contain ourselves. Even packing was fun. We're moving to the Arts District in Downtown Las Vegas and will be surrounded by artists, musicians, vagrants, gritty urban scenes and overall delicious beauty. Stay tuned for info on the grand opening bash.

Our color scheme is a combination of charcoal gray and white with accents of gold and chrome.
Here's a sneak preview of some of the things we've ordered for our fabulous new office:

Floor lamps from Arteriors, flanking a console similar to this from Christopher Guy, in white lacquer (our favorite!):

Print This Product View">

We're thinking of hanging this mirror, from Z Gallerie, over the console:

Click here to view larger image

Our fabulous receptionist/intern will be sitting in this white leather chair from West Elm:

Swivel Leather Desk Chair

We're using these beautiful storage boxes, in charcoal, also from West Elm:

Home Office Storage

We have 2 chandeliers hanging over our conference table, from Cyan Design. They kinda look like this:

Cyan Design 02196 Lighting Amber Chandelier Amber

Check our their website, they have FABULOUS stuff.

The ladies from LMS are hooking us up with a conference table top in Zebra wood, like this. We love them!!!

We found some a-mazing chrome based conference chairs on Craig's list that we're having recovered.

We also found a funky 70's style banquet bar. We're having it reupholstered in shiny gold faux-leather, smoke gray rhinestone nailheads and antique mirror on top. Sick.

Here are the barstools from CB2 :

These are our desk chairs from Zuo:

That's all I'm gonna show you for now. We'll be back with more pics, tidbits and anecdotes from our new home DOWNTOWN lil mama's!!!!!

19 May 2010

It's all in the flava

Yoda Pug likes to party!

One of Flavor Paper's mascots, Penelope

Right now Heather and I are in full speed ahead mode, doing the last minute ordering of items to furnish our new office. While looking for wallcovering, one of our reps showed us two HUGE notebooks filled with Flavor Paper. And though none of the colors really work for us, I wanted to share some of their papers with you. They are so cutting edge and flirty. You have to look really closely at some of the pictures - they are not what they appear from far away. AND - they even have scratch and sniff wallpaper! Just like Willy Wonka!

Highway 66 steams up Vegas

Jonathan Adler used Flavor Paper in some of the VIP suites at the Planet Hollywood Resort, as shown above.

Ooooh, the way she moves!

My boyfriend Lenny Kravitz used it in one of his videos.

Lenny's great room in Highway 66

And in one of his homes.

City Park

This one is called City Park - look closely - there are fire hydrants and parking meters.


This is called Fishnet. I love it for a men's restroom in a club.

Nouveau Riche

Love this - Nouveau Riche, for those of us with gold-chain-loving husbands

Tutti Frutti

And of course, Tutti Frutti, one of the scratch and sniff papers

Smattering of new flavors

Do you need us to add some flava to your life? Give us a call.

17 May 2010

So number one on my list today, is...

I am OB-sessed with lists. Anyone that knows me knows this, and most of my family members have made fun of me for this at one time or another. The favorite part of my day is when I get out a fresh sheet of paper and rewrite my list from the day before. And I know that this isn't weird because my Auntie JoJo does the same thing too! And my brother has lists, tons of lists! And my mother and, well, it may be a genetic defect, but I could think of so many other horrible things that I could be obsessed with, right?

Here are the lists that I'm currently working on:

  1. Daily To Do List
  2. Things to Accomplish This Year
  3. House To Do List - separated by room
  4. To Buy List
  5. Classic Books to Read - I posted this on my bulletin board 2 years ago and I think I've read 3. Out of 75.
  6. Work To Do List
  7. New Office To Buy/Do List

Looking at the list of my lists really makes me feel like a nutjob, but lists are my crack and I'm not ready to put down the pipe.

What about you guys? Do you have systems for your lists? Did you know that there are TONS of websites devoted to lists? I'm also always looking for ways to improve my lists. I'd love to hear your tips. Really. Please, send them.

For fun, check out these fabulous list websites:

Phew - now I can finally take "write a new blog" off of my list. Until tomorrow, I guess.