16 December 2008

and den...

aahhhhh. They don't make 'em like they used to. Sputnik Chandelier courtesy of 1stdibs.com

Day 2 of our favorite things is....(drumroll puhlease)......


While not all of these fixtures were introduced in 2008, these are some of what we're loving this year.

West Elm makes this great fixture. I would like to see it used as a bedside sconce. It's such a great option, at a great price and it's pretty unique as a choice from a retail store.

I know that we've gushed over Shine Home numerous times, but you really can't beat their table lamps. They're funky and somewhat offbeat and can add that much-needed pop of color.

And their chandeliers ain't half bad either.....

For the glam look that is so hot this year, you can't go wrong with shiny chrome fixtures. One of our favorite lighting manufacturers is Robert Abbey Lighting.

It's really difficult to only pick a few of their light fixtures, there are so many great ones.

The Porter nickel pendant light

Look at this funky sconce and the great pattern it throws on the wall. Brilliant!

The anemone ceiling fixture, can also be used as a sconce.

This is my absolute favorite, though I am partial to filament light bulbs. It's so simple and industrial, but could really make a statement in the right space. Like over my kitchen nook table. Hmm.....

The fixture is made by Roost - an incredible accessory and lighting company. We'll write more on them in the future.

While that is only a smattering of the lighting that we're adoring this year, we could be here forever showing you pictures of gorgeous fixtures. So we leave you with another holiday picture of Vegas and the most famous light fixture in town.

We're so proud of our Vegas snow today!

10 December 2008

These are a few of my favorite things....

Oh dear, where does the time go? This time of year is notoriously busy for the interior design trade. Everyone wants their projects completed prior to Thanksgiving or Christmas. Heather and I have been so caught up in designing, negotiating and pleading with vendors that we have completely neglected our poor little blog. We're sorry to have kept you waiting, but wait no more my lovelies, we have a new post! Yippee!!

So we thought since it is gift giving time as well as (my favorite) gift receiving time, we wanted to show you a few of our favorite things that we have discovered this year. Each day we will feature some of our exciting discoveries. So while you may have been lost without your bimonthly blog from Inhabit Design, worry no more. WE'RE BAAAAAAAAACK!!!!!

This is what Heather and I will look like, blogging like MAD!!!

First on the favorites list:


We love discovering new artists and while not everyone can afford original art, everyone can appreciate it.

One of our dearest homies, John Barry of Kevin Barry Fine Art introduced us to the following photographer. This is the best photography that I have seen this year, hands down. His name is Kristoffersen and his website showcases some beautiful, moving photography. A-ma-zing. See for yourselves:

And speaking of affordability, check this website out for emerging artists. There are so many great pieces and the prices are just right. I heart U gallery.

Clare Graham is another exceptionally talented artist. He is someone that I just discovered this year and I could waste many productive work hours gazing at the photos on his website. At a time when eco-friendly products are all the rage and in high demand, Clare's pieces are at once both timely and timeless.

Gaze and adore, gaze and adore....

Button art

Bottlecap art

Style de Vie has some great options for art - vintage prints and photos galore.

Vintage American/Foreign movie posters

Vintage roller rink signs

Vintage Fortune magazine covers

That's it in a nutshell, a few of our favorite sources and artists. We leave you with a gorgeous photo of Christmas time, Las Vegas style.

27 October 2008

Autumn Blues

MixwitMixwit make a mixtapeMixwit mixtapes

It's so difficult this time of year for us to get motivated to do just about anything. The weather is beautiful in Las Vegas, we can even open our windows! In honor of October's lazy days, we're posting a mix tape of what we're currently listening to at the Inhabit Design studio. Enjoy.

special thanks to Beach Bungalow 8 for the inspiration

22 September 2008

Good Eeeeeeveeening.........

In my opinion, Halloween is one of THE most fabulous holidays of the year. I am not ashamed to admit that I even took a Halloween craft class and made some super-sweet tombstones for our yard. Don't judge, we all have our weird things, right?

courtesy of curioussofa.blogspot.com

I'm not really a fan of cutesy Halloween decor, I kind of go for the Victorian/Gothic/Alfred Hitchcock/creepy Halloween decorations. Nothing bloody or gory, but more science-lab-gone wrong and 59 year old spider webs and spider egg sacs and ravens perched in precarious locations.
Let's take a look at what some of our favorite catalog retailers have to offer in the way of Halloween decor.

Here's what I'm loving from Pottery Barn:

This is a wall-size poster of a haunted house. Brilliant!

Grandin Road has a wonderful selection of Halloween goods for a retail shop, especially for the exterior.

A bubble/fog machine? What?????????

Now let's visit the goddess of all things Halloween - Ms. Martha Stewart.

Martha has a really cool section on her website that is entirely devoted to Halloween. Her crafts are the best - she has numerous tutorials and you can even sign up for a daily email that teaches a new Halloween craft EVERY DAY! Look at these gems:

I could post picture after picture, but it's best for you to check out her website. Get inspired and happy haunting!

10 September 2008

Barbie Dream House

I’ve always dreamt of owning a Moroccan style home. It may sound impractical and ridiculous, but every time I see a picture of something that looks remotely Moroccan, I start drooling. I actually keep a file of Moroccan themed and inspired elements for that "someday" when I build my second home. (roll eyes here) How I will explain this to my husband, I'm not sure - but maybe I can convince him with pictures such as these:

image courtesy of Moroccan Interiors book, found here



I’m not sure what does it for me – is it the fantastic lighting? The sumptuous colors, the texture on the walls, the mosaic tiles, the sexiness of everything working together? Moroccan style is usually defined by:

Intricate and enhanced doorways

Sometimes, tented ceilings

Pierced metal lanterns

Colorful porcelain tiles

designed by Robyn Bell as seen in House Beautiful November 07

Blue is always an underlying color - what about this bathroom? As Rachel Zoe would say, "I Die!"

I almost screamed with delight when I opened the August issue of Hospitality Design magazine. Riad Meriem is a five room, three floor hotel in Marrakesh that was designed by Thomas Hays Interiors. Look at these brilliant architectural details.

Moroccan furniture takes on all of the same traits as the architecture, with amazing attention to detail as is illustrated in the piece below - check out the use of marquetry (inlaid pieces of wood or ivory)

Susane R table at www.1stdibs.com


Even the soft goods have the pointed arches on them. How cute are these poufs?

image courtesy of Moroccan Interiors book, found here

I'm in love with all of it. The juicy colors inspired by vibrant spices, the red dirt of the earth and the blue of the sea. The exoticism, the timelessness of the fabrics and the resort-like feeling that can be brought to everyday life.