09 August 2009

I'd like to give a chout out...

image courtesy of Velvet and Linen

Just a couple of quick notes tonight, we'll be posting more this week on our recent trip to the Sub-Zero and Wolf factories. Sounds like a yawn? You'll be surprised, so tune in later this week.

Our new favorite blog that you must check out: Velvet and Linen. The photos are sumptuous and the designs are well-executed, luxurious and timeless. You'll love it!

While in Madison, we were in a building with some incredible artwork. Like I said, we'll be sharing more about this place later in the week but I want to post this piece because I thought it was SO amazing.

This painting is called "Bus Stop" and you MUST go to the artist's website to see it in full scale - this picture is way too small and too pixelated to be appreciated. His name is Paul Giovanopoulos and he has some wonderful pieces. According to the handout we were given regarding this canvas, "Bus Stop" is an acrylic on canvas painting of artists, people painted in the style of famous artists or geographical influences in art history. How many artists can you identify? This piece was chosen by Jamie Drake, a super fabulous and super famous interior designer. You can see his work here. Enjoy!