18 July 2008


photo courtesy of www.marjorieskourasdesign.com

Last week I dove into my seemingly endless pile of magazines and found some fresh little furniture jewels that I wanted to share with you. Featured as one of "the best" in House Beautiful magazine this month are Marjorie Skouras' beautiful drawer pulls.

Tell me you aren't drooling over these right now. They are made of semiprecious stones, including amethyst and rock crystal and can be set in brass or silver. The small ones are about $40 a piece and the large ones are about $60. Custom gemstones are also available. Delicious!

If you have a spare minute, check out her website to see the other wonderful pieces that she has designed. Like these:

And this:

ooh, and this!

05 July 2008

Charles and Ray

In celebration of the recent release of the Eames postage stamp, I thought I'd give all of you a little history lesson regarding this dynamic duo of design.

Charles and Ray Eames were a brilliant husband and wife design team who created some of the most significant and exciting furniture pieces of the 20th century. Without delving into a typical grade school biography-type essay, I would rather show you some pieces of theirs that you will most certainly recognize.

This is the Eames Molded Plastic Side Chair. I may be dating myself, but do you remember these from school? They are still sold in 5 different delicious colors. Check out Design with Reach, they sell many Eames pieces.

How great would this rocker look in a modern nursery? Heather and I are dying to use this piece.

The molded plywood chair. This chair was named the best design of the 20th century by Time magazine. Charles and Ray developed a unique technique of bending plywood when they were experimenting for a furniture contest in New York. This chair was contoured to fit the shape of the human body and is much more comfortable than you would think.

Aaahhhh. The infamous Eames lounge chair. I can only dream, but someday.... Charles Eames said he hoped this chair would have the "warm receptive look of a well-used first baseman's mitt."
Heather and I both almost threw up simultaneously when my mother nonchalantly told us that she threw my father's Eames chair away because it was ugly and the leather was ripped. AAAGGHGHH!!!!

Their darling walnut stools, so great as an alternative to a traditional cocktail table.

I'm sure that all of you have seen these. Now you know that you have had the honor of sitting in an Eames classic - at the airport!

They also designed products for children:

A sassy coat hook, not just for kids

A house of cards

A pint-sized bent plywood chair

And most recently, the elephant chair. This chair was released in a limited edition in 2007 to celebrate the 100th birthday of Charles Eames - it was designed in 1945 but was never put into production for sale. It is so adorable and really a sculptural piece, but sadly, no longer available.

There is also a line of Eames fabric that Ray created

Their grandson, Eames Demetrios, keeps their spirits as well as their work alive, as is evident by the release of their postage stamp. He has also written a few books on his grandparents and also works on the Eames Foundation.

With the recent popularity of mid-century modern design, the Eames' designs have taken center stage once again. Call you friendly neighborhood Inhabit girls and we can hook you up with an Eames piece in no time!