04 December 2009

Let There Be Light

This week I am helping my oldest sister out in Portland, OR. She had surgery so I get to be her nurse for a week and I am having a great time. Really. She has started calling me Baby Jane, though I have no idea why. I have only abused her and ignored her minimally. Oh, and used her prescription medication money for lotsa snacks at Target. What is so wrong about that?

The cage that I keep her in is much fancier than this.

Instead of getting my sister more flowers to help with her recovery, I found a really cheesy fiber optic Christmas tree at Target that was PERFECT!

Product Image

My sister fell in LOVE with this stupid little tree. I mean, it was 5 bucks and has fiber optic branches. She wouldn't stop telling everyone who called her about this great tree I had given her. I was making fun of her, telling her that she had taken one too many Percocets, but she explained that the light changing color was very soothing. Later that night, we turned off all of the lights so she could prove to me how soothing it was. And once I started watching it, I realized that she was right! So in this roundabout way, I wanted to discuss Chromatherapy with you.

Chromatherapy is generally defined as using light to promote relaxation. For designers, we have the opportunity to introduce this relatively unknown concept to our clients - especially in the bathroom. Kohler has some amazing products that utilize this concept. Check it out:

image courtesy of Kohler.com

image courtesy of kohler.com

It is said that Chromatherapy can be used to treat sleeping disorders, can reduce stress and promote relaxation.

Luxury bathtub for Chromatherapy in the bathroom

You can even get sinks that employ the Chromatherapy theory

image courtesy of www.trendir.com

For an easy dose of chromatherapy in your home, you can always get the $5 Target fiber optic tree, or what about this faucet? It's only $19 and a great party trick:

Or, at Gizmodo.com, you can get a stick-on bath light - kind of similar to a pool light - and have a $20 version of the Kohler bathtub in your own home. Look!

This must be why everyone loves fireworks and Christmas lights so much - it's therapy!


Faucher Family Christmas Lights Extravaganza


You're welcome for all of that free therapy. Now I've got to get back to torturing my sister and shove prunes down her throat. Yippee!!!!!!

Mwah mwah mwah......