18 August 2010

A lil sum sum

A while back, we told you about a project we were working on in Laughlin. Last month we finally got to install the bulk of the furniture and we would love to share some of our non-professional photos with you. We are waiting for the last few items to come in and then will send for our amazing photographer extraordinaire to do this space right.

Let's start with the guest bedroom. We made the headboard out of a luminous champagne colored faux leather and added large pieces of quartz rocks instead of tufting it with buttons

Here's a closeup:

The feathered drapery in the guest bedroom

This is the husband's project room. He has numerous hobbies and needed tons of storage and workspace. All of the cabinetry is white lacquer. The display cabinets are for the diecast cars that he paints.

Next up is the Family Room/Game Room/Media area. The entertainment center is in the process of being built - check back for those pictures

The drapery in the Game Room is so textural - it has hundreds of pieces of postage stamp sized fabric hand sewn onto it

We did a divided, sort of reverse coffered ceiling in the Game Room - each of the individual squares is covered with metallic wallcovering

The wetbar area in the Game Room. I LOVE the backsplash tile and this new faucet from Kohler is to die for!

The missus got an amazing chandelier in her office

And even more amazing Maya Romanoff wallcovering, also in her office

We got to use our favorite Louis Ghost chairs for the video game console

I've saved the best for last. This is my favorite spot - the delicious powder room. You can't tell from the picture,but on the walls next to the back mosaic wall there is a gorgeous wallcovering made of tiny glass beads.

The flooring is a combination of grey marble interspersed with glass mosaic tiles. This is definitely SO much better in person, but you get the gist of it, right?

This is the hallway that leads to the main house. One of the husband's hobbies is photography, so we used the hallway as a display area for his photos. The light fixture on the ceiling has adjustable track heads that can change as he changes out his photos

We will be sure to post the rest as we get it, keep checking back!

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michelle said...

omg i need that husbands project room right now!