27 August 2010

Warm Industrial

People often ask us "What's YOUR favorite type of design?", Heather and I, of course, describe two totally different things. Me, I love a "warm industrial" look - Edison bulbs & metal furniture pieces interspersed with thick luxurious fabrics and animal print rugs.

Imagine how excited I was when we met with one of our fabulous lighting reps and she showed us the work of a lighting designer that uses a combination of crystal and pipe:

Michael has an interesting story - he worked as in-house counsel for various television and distribution companies. He also has degrees from Vassar and Oxford and also writes book reviews for the New York Times

You've got to check out his website, as well as his Facebook page to see more of these amazing creations. There's nothing else out there that looks like this right now

According to the website, Michael McHale Designs sets out to redefine the look of the traditional chandelier. I think he's accomplished that, and more - don't you?

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Kelley Simpson said...

Fabulous work! I loved his website and his work. Thanks for introducing him to me, now I just have more thing I want to buy...