16 August 2010

Where, oh where has my favorite blog gone....

I know that we have been conspicuously absent from the blog world, but we have finally moved into our new design studio and let me tell you – that was no small feat. I’m sure I have permanent brain damage due to lack of sleep and planning a party for 250 people.

I wanted to share our before and after pictures because I am in love with the transformation that took place in our little 1,000 square foot space. We were lucky enough to start with a pretty blank slate – a square box with great natural light and a brick wall. The not so lucky things were the pole that sits in the middle of the room and the ugly industrial carpet in the space. For a while Heather and I went back and forth – “Embrace the pole? Don’t embrace the pole?….” We decided to just let the pole be and address it in the future. We are thinking of maybe wrapping it in leather or some delicious Maya Romanoff wallcovering. Stay tuned for that.

This was the blank space. We laid all of the furniture out in blue tape, just to be sure.

We had a turquoise brick wall, which is GREAT, but our color scheme is white, gold, grey and silver so it didn't really work. So we painted it charcoal. Here's the in between picture of that same space:

And almost after:

Our bathroom - wasn't bad, actually. But we decided to paint it a light grey, put in a new chandelier and cover the walls with chandelier pics. It's our logo, so.....well, it was the best way to cover up the crazy walls in there.



And this weird cutout:

Became this:

Of course Gigi helped out with all aspects of the remodel

Eventually we will have our space photographed professionally by our fabulous celebrity photographer.
In the meantime, here are some of her images around the office from our Grand Opening shindig:

Check out our Facebook page for more photos of the party, or par-tay, as Heather calls it. We were even joined by our lovely mayor and had a fabulous time!

You must come and visit us at the new place -we would love to have you! Cheers!

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Kelley Simpson said...

Love this post! Can't wait to get in there and shoot your fabulous space. You girls are first class for sure.