11 March 2009

I'm a Barbie girl....

Heather and I are just finishing up a large residential design project and one of the girl's rooms that we worked on was designed around these vintage Barbie prints.

We hung six of them over her headboard on top of an 11 foot wall of fabric. I can't wait to share the photos!
With our client's input, we decided on a chocolate brown and pink color scheme. It was like working on every girl's dream bedroom. Barbies, rhinestones, and lots of pink!

This fabric shows the sophisticated look we were going for and the color scheme. We didn't use this exact fabric, but we'll show you pics in the future with the fabrics we did use.

These are her nightstands

Nightstand lamps

Her desk

Desk chair

This is a large display cabinet where she can store her vintage Barbie collection

Some fun accessories

We'll post pictures of the finished room in the next few days. Stay tuned!

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