11 March 2009

Drumroll please....

Here are some of the photos of the Barbie room that we promised. Please excuse the quality of the photos, we are adding some finishing touches before we have the rooms professionally shot.

We love the finish on the lamps - it is called chocolate chrome and is gorgeous in person. It is much more glamorous than a flat brown lamp and we didn't want to add another pink element. The back wall of the bedroom is shirred fabric from floor to ceiling. The ceilings are 12 feet high, so the result is very dramatic.

The pillows were super fun to design - we don't always have an opportunity to use rhinestones.

We did an extra full and puddled bedskirt to add to the luxurious feel of the room

This is the fabric on her large reading chair. It's a chenille so it is very comfortable and durable enough for the kids and/or dogs to jump all over it.

This is the ottoman for the reading chair. Again, we were able to use fabric with rhinestones sewn into it. Fantastic!

The drapery tieback

Some finishing touches

As I mentioned in the last post, Heather and I had so much fun designing this room. One of the benefits of being a designer is that we can live vicariously through our clients and give ourselves the dream rooms we never had.

We've got some more exciting photos from this project, keep watching for more photos in the coming weeks.

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Anonymous said...

This looks so AWESOME, ladies. Keep up the good work :)