26 March 2009

Dial M for...Magnificent!

Heather and I do our best to check out all of the latest and greatest projects in town. While our list for field trips is actually quite long right now, we were able to make it out to the new M Resort while meeting with a new client who lives in the area.

One of the greatest things about this casino/hotel is that it is transparent in so many ways. When you drive past the building at night, you can see through it. When you're walking through the casino, you can see through everything, into all of the restaurants, down to the pool and even out to views of the strip. It feels so open, light and airy. We are in love with the new trend in casino design. Gone are the low popcorn ceilings, smoky poker rooms and artificial lighting everywhere.

The craps tables. Love the giant light fixture.

And speaking of the pool....

There's a great spot at the north end of the pool - it's a huge stage for outdoor concerts. I can't wait to see who is going to be there this summer!

It's such a sexy little hotel

There are some pretty cool restaurants and we have only heard great things about every single one of them.

This is the Hostile Grape. Since we were visiting in the middle of the day and most of the restaurants don't open until 5:00, we weren't able to go inside. This is probably a good thing since it is a wine cellar/bar/tasting room. There are about 160 wines that can be sampled by using pre-paid tasting cards. It's just unfortunate that this place is 43 miles from our office. We're hoping to go back once we find a driver. Volunteers, anyone?

This is the restaurant at the top of the hotel, Veloce Cibo. The word on this place is that the food is DELICIOUS and super reasonable. Check out the menu here.

A view of the rooms

Another cool light fixture in one of the bars in the casino

Heather and I visited on a Tuesday at about 1:30 and the three restaurants that were open all had about a 30 minute wait time and there were a ton of people inside the casino. Economy schmenonomy - this place has already had to hire more people since its opening. They've definitely figured out the formula for success. Here are some other interesting facts about the resort:
  • It has its own car wash and gas station. You can redeem your players points to pay for services
  • There is an on-site pharmacy that also accepts players points as payment
  • There is a demonstration kitchen that hosts TV and radio shows
  • The buffet price includes beer and/or wine

So that's the end of our free promo for the M Resort. It's just exciting to see something innovative and architecturally beautiful, especially right now when Chicken Little is ranting and raving about the sky falling all around us.

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