05 January 2011

Sick and Awesome...and Completely Random

I've got a ton of posts to share with you guys, but today I've had to do some research for a couple of projects and I'm really suffering from design ADD.  So I want to share the random fabulous things I've found instead of posting the other blogs I've been working on.  Enjoy AND you're welcome! 

Everytime I'm looking for a chandelier for a client, I come across this baby.  I know it's not really anything new, but I have an affinity for bugs and snakes and this looks like lots of coiled, crystal snakes and it's BEAUTIFUL to me.  But the $5,000 is not so beautiful for me.  Not so much.  It's here, if you want to send it to me it. 

I'm obsessed with the Fabulous Beekman Boys.  Have you seen this show on Discovery Green?  If you like light farming, gays and Martha Stewart, then this is the show for you!  I'm sure it has to do with my recent obsession with having my own mini-farm, but these boys are charming and make me laugh out loud.  Even without lots of wine. 

They also have an adorable goat farmer, make cheese and soap from the goat's milk on their farm and have lots of perfectionist antics.  Trust me, it's hilarious. 

What about this pic that ended up in my inbox today? 

And this? 

This is Zarb Champagne, courtesy of Trendland - a new website (well, new to me) that I discovered via BleachBlack - the most cutting edge fashion blog around.  Have you seen these girls
Anyway, Zarb Champagne has a great, interactive website and you must go there now.  Plus, you know how we love champagne. 

Some new blogs: 

And one of my favorites: 

Have fun!  

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