31 January 2010

It's Alive

Succulent frames

I have a wall in my backyard that I have been wanting to address for years. And I've finally found the answer.
Heather and I went to a luncheon last week and listened to a presentation regarding living walls. Later on that evening, I opened up my new Sunset magazine and there it was - instructions on how to make your own living wall! "It's a sign!!!" I exclaimed, to Gigi and really, noone in particular. The picture above is my inspiration and I can't wait to show you the end result. Read the article - you may be inspired as well.

modern cottage

A living wall is pretty much just a vertical garden. It's amazing how powerful something can be when you change its viewing plane, isn't it? A large garden of succulents would definitely be interesting, but hang it on a wall and POW-POW, it's completely unique and striking.

I really love the outdoor succulent garden living walls - the indoor fern ones - not so much.

Roots Store Promenade Mall

See what I mean? The indoor ones just seem a little 1970's - I'm expecting some macrame to pop out somewhere. But the outdoor ones - oh, be still my beating heart.

The Living Wall


Green Wall One

I have just added this to my ginormous to do list. Stay tuned for the final results.

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Lushe said...

The succulent frames look great.