19 October 2009

"From Crate...to Great"

Gigi, all grown up courtesy of Kelley Lynne Photography

So we are back again with another animal related post. I think I am starting to turn into one of those weird people that doesn't have any kids and talks about their pets as if they are children. I also think the stories about my pets are hilarious and I'm usually met with a sigh and a blank stare from Heather at this point. And that makes me love telling her THAT much more. Bahahahaha....

I was going through my ginormous stack of magazines and catalogs tonight and came across In the Company of Dogs. Have you seen this catalog, my dear readers? Pet accessories have come a long way; I was so impressed that I had to share.

Look at these crates:

Seriously? The crate that I have is basically a dog jail. This is beautiful!

What about these fancy gates:
How about these fabulous bowls?

Or for our more traditional clients:

And we cannot forget our clients who love modernism and clean lines:

What? Topiaries? O.K., now maybe they've gone too far

I could go on and on forever, but even I realize I'm beginning to cross the line. You have to admit, pet accessories have come a LONG way from the cardboard box in the garage. And I promise the next blog will have nothing pet related. Did I tell you what Gigi did last night.....???

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