13 August 2008

What I Did On My Summer Vacation...

Back from our long summer's nap, I thought I would share some photos of the hilarious house we stayed at while on vacation in Lake Tahoe.

We were greeted by these huge rocks at the stairway up to the house. Lake Tahoe has tons of rocks everywhere, we all thought it was a really cool touch.

Some more by the front door, interesting touch. I like how they kind of try to hide the trash cans behind the rock, but not really.

So you can imagine our, uh, surprise when we opened the front door and were greeted by MORE ROCKS! And I call them rocks, but really they were boulders.

Throughout the "game room" which consisted of some sort of fake air hockey table and some ping pong paddles hanging on the wall. Random.

The boulders really made a statement in the bottom floor bedroom - with the outdoor jacuzzi in the bedroom, this room was really pimped out. Who could resist the lure of boulders, a jacuzzi and.....

some trash behind the boulders?

So while we realized that we weren't exactly staying at the Four Seasons, we all agreed that the boulders were an interesting and unique decorative element in the home. The house was actually a lot of fun with gorgeous, albeit smoky views of the lake.

Stay tuned for some fabulous new posts from your favorite Las Vegas designers - the girls from Inhabit.

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Anonymous said...

omg..that is freaking hilarious! love it.. I want a boulder house one day.. maybe caliche (or however youspell it.)