19 August 2008

Louis Louis

Just a quick note to show all my design fans out there some fabulous new finds in indoor/outdoor furniture. Heather and I saw this furniture at the Hospitality Design show and it is so much fun in person.

This furniture is made by a company from Belgium called SixInch. Each classic Louis chair can be colored in any Pantone color and is hand-finished with a polyurethane coating. This means that it can really stand up to the elements - even in Vegas!

The cool thing about seeing these chairs in person is that you get to touch them and they have a foamy, spongey, springy-like feeling.

There's a ton of hype out there right now for these chairs. These pieces are widely used throughout Europe and you will probably start seeing these show up in some of the casinos on the strip. Now you are in the know! Look at you, you little design-conscious blog readers, you're so hip!

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Anonymous said...

those are cute! love that blue one..maybe when I buy my new house...talk to you later!