19 May 2008

One Sugar or Two?

On Sunday, Heather and I designed a table for a charity event at the lovely Ritz Carlton at
Lake Las Vegas. The charity event was the "Designs of Fantasy High Tea" to benefit the

We originally wanted to do a table with a green theme, but weren't sure how to tie in the idea of "fantasy" with that theme. We worked through all of the ideas of fantasy and tea and thought of Alice and Wonderland and the tea party she had with the Mad Hatter. To tie in our green theme, we decided on the concept of "Alice in Ecoland". We wanted to demonstrate to people that it's possible to have a chic party with an eco-friendly theme, and also wanted to throw in some references to a modern day Alice in Wonderland. We used low VOC and non-toxic paints on everything we painted for the table. We rented all of the table linens, as well as the chairs and cushions. The flowers and arrangement were supplied by Enchanted Florist, our homies who are also run a green flower shop. Our color scheme was kelly green, black and white. Here are some of our inspiration photos:

We gave soy candles with cotton wicks as gifts for the people seated at our table. The candles were obviously a hit because as soon as the tea was over, one of the ladies at the table went crazy running around the table scooping up all of the extra candles where people were not seated.

We found these candles on the adorable website for Sandra Bullock's restaurant Bess Bistro in Austin, TX.

As an added touch, we tucked in a little guide on eco-chic entertaining into the napkins. Check it out: (the picture quality is not so great - it was much more vibrant in person)

This was a great experience for Heather and I and a much needed vacation from all things interior design. Much love goes out to our peeps at Enchanted Florist (pictured below) for donating all of the flowers and working on Sunday! They really are the Best Florist in Las Vegas!

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Anonymous said...

WOW! love this table. those colors look so fabulous together. I am gonna have to use that florist, the shop looks great!
when are we gonna get together??