27 May 2008

How Much Is That Doggy Chaise In The Window?

This weekend, as I was searching for a new dog bed for our precious little devil, Gialla, I came upon some hilarious, wonderful furniture pieces for pets. WHO KNEW? Check these out. These pictures provided me with my entertainment on Saturday night.
Time to get out of the house, I know.

For the dog who loves to lay around, eat bonbons and watch soap operas - the always fabulous chaise lounge. This piece comes with 2 chew/throw pillows - what a bonus!

For the more traditional pooch, a sleigh bed that sleeps two.

What do these pieces have to do with interior design, you ask? These are some great options to add that sumtin-sumtin to your home that you have been searching for.
O.K., not really, but how hilarious are these pieces?

Ooh La La!

For the modern kitty.

For the New Yorker.

For the larger families, a sectional!

For those of you who are spatially challenged, do not fret. There is a murphy bed option out there! (this pic is a little something I like to call the "grand finale")

In all seriousness, most of us have pets and deal with the issue of ugly pet beds, unsightly crates and big plastic catboxes. Have a little fun with your pets and their furniture, these photos illustrate that it IS possible to have something that functions for the little guys without ruining the look of your home.

(Photos courtesy of www.barkslope.com, www.catsplay.com & www.muttropolis.com)


michelle said...

omg! what is up with the murphy bed.. that is so hilarious! it took over 2 weeks for my cat to use her bed- i know I'd never get my dogs on one of these things!

inhabit said...

i know! how big do you think that murphy bed is, because the dog is tiny! it's so hilarious, I crack up everytime I see it.

Valerie said...

Fantastic - my most favorite one so far....I think I need the sectional for Nigey, Ivan & Miz Lil!

Petunia Face said...

Nacho so needs the modern kitty bed for his bachelor entertaining. You know, for when he "cats around." Such a man-slut, my Nacho.