14 June 2011


One of our most fabulous clients is looking for some new artwork for her home and says she really digs an artist that she saw a while back on Gossip Girl

I don't watch the show so I had to do a little research and was so pleasantly surprised.  Look at these images - LOVE

(yes, I know I'm like 2 1/2 years behind the curve here, but it doesn't make the pieces any less fantastic, right?)
These pieces remind me of my oldest sister and all of the cool records and magazines she used to have in her room when she was in high school. The room that I was banned from and the things I was NEVER allowed to touch. No wonder I love these, right? It's Psych 101.

Oh, and they are also totally delicious. 
This is a piece done for a collaboration with MAC Cosmetics

The famous Gossip Girl painting. 

Richard Phillips is the mastermind behind these gorgeous paintings.  He lives and works in New York and studied at both the Massachusetts School of Art and Yale University School of Art.  He exhibits at Gagosian galleries. 

image courtesy of Papermag

all images courtesy of Gagosian

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Julie @ Chapman Interiors said...

Hells yes. These are hawt.