19 May 2010

It's all in the flava

Yoda Pug likes to party!

One of Flavor Paper's mascots, Penelope

Right now Heather and I are in full speed ahead mode, doing the last minute ordering of items to furnish our new office. While looking for wallcovering, one of our reps showed us two HUGE notebooks filled with Flavor Paper. And though none of the colors really work for us, I wanted to share some of their papers with you. They are so cutting edge and flirty. You have to look really closely at some of the pictures - they are not what they appear from far away. AND - they even have scratch and sniff wallpaper! Just like Willy Wonka!

Highway 66 steams up Vegas

Jonathan Adler used Flavor Paper in some of the VIP suites at the Planet Hollywood Resort, as shown above.

Ooooh, the way she moves!

My boyfriend Lenny Kravitz used it in one of his videos.

Lenny's great room in Highway 66

And in one of his homes.

City Park

This one is called City Park - look closely - there are fire hydrants and parking meters.


This is called Fishnet. I love it for a men's restroom in a club.

Nouveau Riche

Love this - Nouveau Riche, for those of us with gold-chain-loving husbands

Tutti Frutti

And of course, Tutti Frutti, one of the scratch and sniff papers

Smattering of new flavors

Do you need us to add some flava to your life? Give us a call.

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Julie @ Chapman Interiors said...

I need flava in my life!! ha, these are fun, I'll add to my resources :)