09 November 2009

Oh no you di-in't!!!

So let's have a little chat about bathroom mats. These are NOT o.k. It's time to let them go. I understand wanting to feel something soft underfoot, but what about when strangers come into your home? And step on them with their dirty shoes? What about when...well, ahem..when a male uses the facilities and has aiming problems? These little mats are outdated and harbor germs and just gotta go.

The only thing that is o.k. is a white bath mat. Hang it over the tub (white, so that it blends in) and throw it down before you are ready to step on it. It's much cleaner, tidier and a more modern approach to traditional bathroom rugs.

Just say no to the fuzzy carpeted ones. Try these:

Bath Rugs White Collections

These lovely little ladies are from Restoration Hardware

Organic Noodle Bath Mat

West Elm has some lovely WHITE ones, don't be tempted by that baby blue

click link below this image for more details

This one, from Vita Futura works as well

Please, for me, don't do this:

or this:

And this is never ok:

My eyes are burning right now from these hideous pictures. Take this info and run with it, don't be offended, just get updated! Trust me, people have wanted to tell you this before, but didn't want to offend you.


Sin City Snyders said...

Oh yes I di-it! You know my obsession with jungle print...i actually love the bathroom "gear"...and am not afraid to admit it!ha

Anonymous said...

I've never understood the point of covering your toilet seat. And those rugs that go around your seat, I hate those! They always slip around or somehow feel dirty even if washed. Are the ones on the seat suppose to be comfy for your butt in case you get out of the shower and need to sit down? Either way, the toilet isn't a chair. It's a toilet! I agree on how hideuous and outdated this is. My 10 year old always wants to try and convince me to get them. Funny thing is I was around that age when I convinced my own mom to do it. She protested until I wore her down. I think they are just accessories someone thought up to sell and somehow everyone agreed or thought that they needed it. Why not make fuzzy towel covers for your television, I'm sure it's useful for something. As long as someone makes it right?