14 June 2009

Something Old Is New Again

Image courtesy of alkemie.blogspot.com

Today we wanted to write a quick post to brag about our new chairs to illustrate how dramatically you can change a piece of furniture with just a little bit of fabric and imagination. Throw in a fabulous upholsterer and you have the recipe for some fantastic "new" furniture.

This is one of two chairs that I inherited from my Grandmother when she passed away. The fabric definitely doesn't go with any of my decor, but fit perfectly in her living room, where noone was really allowed to sit unless it was a special occasion. Needless to say, the chairs were in almost perfect condition.

I wanted to do something a little bit funky and somewhat bold. I chose three different fabrics: one for the outside and sides of the chair, a varying-width stripe for the inside back and cushion, and a turquoise snakeskin for the stripe down the middle and the welt.

Here are the after pictures:

I also asked my upholsterer to paint the wood more of an espresso color

The texture of the snakeskin doesn't really translate in the photo, but trust me - it is DELICIOUS in person. Doesn't it look like a completely different chair? I'm so excited that I was actually able to reinvent these chairs - everytime I look at them I think of my darling Grandmother and how happy she would be to see that I'm actually using them.

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LMS Design Group said...

WOW! The chairs turned out great! And where did you get that fabulous fabric?