16 December 2008

and den...

aahhhhh. They don't make 'em like they used to. Sputnik Chandelier courtesy of 1stdibs.com

Day 2 of our favorite things is....(drumroll puhlease)......


While not all of these fixtures were introduced in 2008, these are some of what we're loving this year.

West Elm makes this great fixture. I would like to see it used as a bedside sconce. It's such a great option, at a great price and it's pretty unique as a choice from a retail store.

I know that we've gushed over Shine Home numerous times, but you really can't beat their table lamps. They're funky and somewhat offbeat and can add that much-needed pop of color.

And their chandeliers ain't half bad either.....

For the glam look that is so hot this year, you can't go wrong with shiny chrome fixtures. One of our favorite lighting manufacturers is Robert Abbey Lighting.

It's really difficult to only pick a few of their light fixtures, there are so many great ones.

The Porter nickel pendant light

Look at this funky sconce and the great pattern it throws on the wall. Brilliant!

The anemone ceiling fixture, can also be used as a sconce.

This is my absolute favorite, though I am partial to filament light bulbs. It's so simple and industrial, but could really make a statement in the right space. Like over my kitchen nook table. Hmm.....

The fixture is made by Roost - an incredible accessory and lighting company. We'll write more on them in the future.

While that is only a smattering of the lighting that we're adoring this year, we could be here forever showing you pictures of gorgeous fixtures. So we leave you with another holiday picture of Vegas and the most famous light fixture in town.

We're so proud of our Vegas snow today!

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Anonymous said...

can you believe all that snow wasn't it wonderful? love that anenome sconce.. merry christmas sista!