13 June 2008

Oh My Orange

You can’t go anywhere without seeing this fabulous and lively shade of orange. It’s a funky yet sophisticated color that's as energizing as an iced venti latte! Put on your favorite pair of shades because this collection of our favorite orange products is VIBRANT!

Christine Misiak is a fresh new product designer in Durham, England. She racked up a Peter Walker Award at the New Designers Exhibition in London for her rejuvenated “homeless” tea sets. Can we say eco-chic?

sometimes a chair can offer the best advice…

The Foo Dog is known to be the protector of sacred buildings and a defender of law. Foo Dogs can be traced back as early as the Han Dynasty, but you can pick this pair up at Pier One.

If you are looking for unique furniture pieces, check out Pieces Inc for some amazing finds.

We are patiently waiting for the perfect project that is bold enough to handle this playful wallcovering from the Sweet Life by Thibaut.

oh Tory, you never do us wrong

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